About Us

Photo of Galina and CharmyHello! My name is Galina Pasternak and Siberian cats are my and my husband's hobby. Cats have always been my favorite animals and throughout my childhood I have been accompanied by these marvelous creatures ever since I can remember. After immigrating into United States, I got busy with studies and later with building a successful career as a web designer. However, during those times I always missed a cat in my life (as anyone who ever owned a cat would surely understand).

Siberian was always one of my favorite breeds. I have a soft spot for big fluffy cats. And considering that in addition to their amazing beauty, Siberians are also smart, devoted, fun loving, and all around just great (yes, yes, I know I sound obsessed) — it was a very easy decision which breed I would like to choose.

In 2006, with my career on the right track and my schedule under control, I started looking around and eventually found Misty and Charmy — my loving girls I can no longer live without. With Maximus joining us less than a year later, we were ready to start a breeding program.

We attend several CFA cat shows a year. Our cats are supervised by veterinarians at Civic Feline Clinic, Walnut Creek, CA. We don't keep cats in cages — they have a free run of the house. Our cats are our friends before anything else. So all together, we are a one big happy family!

We are located in San Francisco Bay Area, city of Martinez, CA. If you have any questions, or are interested in getting a Siberian kitten of your own, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!