Siberian Breed Overview

Siberian breed originated in Russia and has been around for at least 1000 years old. Despite its long history, Siberian is a relatively new breed in the United States. Siberian cats were first imported into USA in 1990 and since then are increasingly gaining popularity among cat lovers.

Siberian is a large, semi longhaired cat and comes in about every color of the rainbow. Males can easily reach 16-20 pounds in weight. Females are usually smaller and stay around 7-10 pounds. Siberians are very loving and affectionate, great problem solvers, and tend to win over "dog people" and "cat people" alike.

The Siberian was accepted for registration by CFA February 2000 and advanced to championship status in February 2006. Learn more about CFA breed standard or visit CFA website to read breed profile details.