Welcoming Your Kitten

Finally, the time has come to pick up your kitten. Here are some guidelines on making a transition as stress-free as possible for your new Siberian family member.

Bring a Carrier to Pick Up Your Kitten

We hope you bought a nice, steady carrier you are going to use later for your kitten vet trips. Please, don't bring a paper carrier since they tend to be very dark inside and kitten will be afraid of it (fear is not a good thing to start a relationship with).

Start From One Room

When you first bring a kitten into your home, you should keep it confined to just one room of the house. The room should be kitten-proved and contain litter box, food, water, scratcher, toys, and something soft for kitten to sleep on. Most likely, your kitten will try to hide at first. Don't force it out. Leave it alone for a while so kitten can get used to his new place. Check on it every hour or so, talk to it softly, and wait until it gets comfortable enough to come out. If you have children, encourage them to do the same. If the kitten seems to want attention, spend some time with it. Be gentle, pet the kitten, and offer it some toys. The timing may differ for each individual kitten, but each one comes around eventually.

When kitten is no longer hiding and feels comfortable, open the door and let it come out to explore farther. Again, it might take just a quick stroll at first, but kitten's curiosity is very strong and will outcome its fears.

Introducing Your New Kitten to Other Pets

By the time you introduce your kitten to other animals, they should already get accustomed to kitten's smell through a door. The first introduction should be short (just few minutes). Make sure to pay more attention to the animal that's been there longer to reassure it of your love (otherwise it may get jealous). Usually pets will work things out by themselves, which can take about a week. If your pets are having more difficulty adjusting, supervise their time together and be patient. Both pets should have a place they can go to when they want to be left alone.


It's best to feed the foods we are using in our cattery because a kitten will be used to it. Keep the dry food out at all times and give canned food 2 times a day (feeding habits may change as your cat matures). Make sure kitten has plenty of fresh clean water. If you'd like to try any new foods, do it gradually and select brands that contain similar ingredients to the ones we recommend. Sudden changes in diet may result in diarrhea.


A light brushing once or twice a week will be sufficient as Siberian cats are not prone to knotting. However, if both you and your cat enjoy it, you may make grooming a part of your daily routine.


Your kitten will want to play and play and play all day long! So, we hope you've got plenty of toys and just can't wait to join your kitten in a crazy cat game. Have fun!