Select a Veterinarian

Make sure that you have a good vet to go to before a kitten enters your home.

Where to Start

The best way to find the right veterinarian is to ask for recommendations from cat owners among family and friends. You can also Google your local clinics and look for reviews. After you've got some leads, pay them a visit, talk to them, talk to other clients in the waiting room, look at the premises (make sure they are clean), and ask their prices. You may want to visit more than one clinic before making your final selection. You want to find a vet you trust your pet with and feel comfortable to talk to. If for any reason something just doesn't feel right, look for another vet.

What to Plan for

You should schedule a first exam within 3 days of getting your kitten. After that, your cat should see a veterinarian yearly or more frequently if required. Talk to your vet about spaying/neutering your cat (we recommend the procedure between the age of 6 and 8 months). Also, make sure to ask if a vet clinic you picked provides 24/7 emergency services, and, if not, obtain a phone number and an address of an Emergency clinic they recommend.

Our Veterinarian

Our cats are supervised by great veterinarians at Civic Feline Clinic, Walnut Creek, CA. If you are local to the area, we highly recommend checking them out.